Su Teatro presenta "El Sol Que Tu Eres"

Values Statement

Su Teatro Values Statement


Adapted from the National Performance Network Values Statement


Artists: We value individual artists & arts companies who provide valid and important work

Communities: We value communities as collections of people who share cultural heritages, philosophies, or geographic locations, and we value their role in nurturing artists and art.

Freedom of Expression: We value the unhindered flow of ideas, words and images as basic to a free society.

Critical Dialogue: We value dialogue that fosters appreciation for the creative process and the role of arts and culture in our society.

Diversity: We value points-of-view and experiences that are shaped by each individual’s unique background, and we value art that celebrates diversity.

Partnerships: We value partnerships among artists, arts organizers and organizations, and communities that create opportunities for artistic expression and deepen the general public’s relationship with art.

Complexity: We value and respect the complexity of our community, which consists of many races, belief systems and sexual orientations.

Art Organizations: We value arts organizers who make it possible for artists to work in a supportive and appreciative environment.

Artists visiting or in residence, should feel welcomed into the community of  Su Teatro, where your work will also be valued. It is our intent to provide a nurturing and productive environment for artists, and to offer our community, our best as we strive to uphold the standards, values and traditions offered in this statement and included in the concept of In lak’ech (tu eres mi otro yo, you are my other me) and provided by the hundreds of artists who have traveled through the doors of Su Teatro.