XicanIndie FilmFest XX

April 5 – 8, 2018

20th anniversary of the XicanIndie FilmFest

official schedule to be announced soon

Murder in the Woods

Danny Trejo stars in this slasher tale written by Chicago writer Yelyna Leon and directed by Mexican filmmaker Luis Iga about a group of Latino teens who, in the grand tradition of the “Friday the 13th”  series, decide to spend a weekend in a mysterious cabin in the woods.  Unbeknownst to them, the cabin was the site of an apparent murder-suicide more than a decade ago and soon things, and bodies, begin to go bump in the night.


The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo

A fresh and innovative look into the life of radical Chicano lawyer, author, and counterculture icon, Oscar Zeta Acosta, best known for his volatile friendship with legendary journalist and provocateur, Hunter S. Thompson. The author of two groundbreaking autobiographical novels, Acosta?s powerful literary voice, brash courtroom style, and notorious revolutionary antics made him a revered figure within the Chicano movement. He offered one of the most brazen, frontal assaults on white supremacy seen at the time.

Phillip Rodriguez, USA, 2018


We Were Chicanos: Remembering Richard Castro

Caryn Sanchez captured the life of one of the most beloved public figures in Colorado- Richard T. Castro, through the stories of those who worked and knew him best. In We Were Chicanos: Remembering Richard Castro, Sanchez pays tribute to a man who dedicated his career to ensuring that all people, regardless of their differences, would have a voice in the political and social fabric of this state, and on a national level as well.

Caryn Sanchez, USA, 2017



Starring former Su Teatro principal and jokester, Hugo E Carbajal Director Susan Brunig Lifeline is a story of a couple living with the ghost of their deepest regret.
Poignantly presented and engaging, Cabajabel expand the range of Latino male portrayals.

Susan Brunig, USA, 2017


Neva Romero: Jamas Olvidados

In May 1974, Neva Romero, a University of Colorado student and Chicano activist, was killed along with two of her peers in a horrific car bombing at Colorado Chautauqua. Two days later, three more activists were murdered in another car bombing. These tragic events sent shock waves throughout the Chicano Rights Movement, yet no one was ever convicted for the crimes. Filmmaker Nicole Esquibel explores the horrific events — a scar on the conscience of an entire community — in Neva Romero: Jamas Olvidados, a documentary that highlights the efforts of the young woman and struggles to uncover the truth behind her death.

Nicole Patrice Esquibel, USA, 2017


Symbols of Resistance

Looks at the history of the Chican@ Movement as it emerges in the 1970s with a focus on events in Colorado and Northern New Mexico.
The documentary explores the struggle for land, the student movement, and community struggles against police repression.

The Freedom Archives, USA, 2017


Welcome Back

After being deported to Mexico, a mother is forced to survive in a country she doesn?t understand anymore.  Follow her struggles as she looks for an answer to where.

Matias Nilsson, Mexico/USA, 22 mins, 2017


The Root

Molina Speaks is an an all around artist, poet, musician and human bridge. The 2017 Westword Mastermind is set for the World Premiere of his first full-length feature film, ROOT. The dreamscape film was inspired by the creation of an album by the same name.

Molina Speaks, USA, 2018


El Camino

Three days ago, Diego died behind bars in a California prison.  Despite his family?s wish for a Catholic funeral, prison authorities prepare to cremate Diego’s body. Now, Diego’s teenage son Jorge and his wife Gabriela must make a frantic road trip across the state to claim his body before it’s too late.

Alexander L. Lee, USA, 16 min, 2015


Diario de Bucaramanga

Written by Luis Peru De Lacroix in 1828 while he accompanied the Liberator Simon Bolivar and his Grand State during their stay in Bucaramanga, as they awaited the events of the Convention of Ocana, that would change the Geo-political destiny of the nation of La Gran Colombia. Coronel Luiis Peru De Lacroix, documented the
daily life, anecdotes, experiences and personal confessions that Simon Bolivar, the Father of the Nation shares with him during the months of April, May and June. It is in this manner that the intimate narrative of the life of the Liberator Simon Bolivar occurs in parallel to the political climate of the Convention of Ocana, creating an atmosphere filled with treason and intrigues, led by the General francisco de Paula Santander. These were dramatic, conflicting and decisive days for the Nation.

Carlos Alberto Fung, Venezuela, 129 min, 2013


Marigold the Matador

An urban fable about a single mother, a schizophrenic homeless man, and an 11-year old matador. Marigold grows up mostly alone as she transitions from little girl to young woman. With her mother working at night and going to school during the day, Marigold befriends a schizophrenic homeless man. When he becomes combative she imagines herself to be a Matador as El Toro becomes the embodiment of her fear and loneliness.

Kenneth Castillo, USA, 90 min, 2017