Festival Program



  • Individual Movie Pass: $10/General $7/Students and Seniors
  • Festival Pass: $40 (includes 5 films and all receptions)
  • Individual Receptions $20


6:00 p.m. Opening Night Reception


6:30 p.m. Escaramuza: Riding from the Heart (Martinez)

  •          Directed by Robin Rosenthal and Bill Yahraus, Documentary
  •          Mexico (2012) 60 minutes

Escaramuza Charra Las Azaleas are a gutsy team of women rodeo riders vying to represent the U.S. at the National Charro Championships in Mexico—where “to be Charro is to be Mexican.” Escaramuza, or skirmish, describes both their daredevil horseback ballets, ridden sidesaddle at top speed, and the intensity of their competition season. Neither life-altering challenges at home nor cartel violence across the border can keep Las Azaleas from their goal. The documentary explores the ways their identities as first-generation Mexican Americans are shaped by the values of their traditional equestrian culture.


 7:15 p.m. En el Ombligo del Cielo/ In the Middle of Heaven (Trujillo)

  •           Directed by Carlos Gomez Oliver, Feature
  •          Mexico (2012) 106 minutes

Andrea, a young executive is trapped through the weekend on the rooftop of her office alongside Gualberto, the janitor. Truly lost in an asphalt and glass sea, both characters think over their lives and values.


7:45 p.m. Culto Latino Shorts (Martinez)

            Shorts 1 hour 50 minutes

ATTACK OF THE KILLER BEES: All the action, thrill and excitement of a classic Sci-Fi Horror feature film in 5 minutes.

THE MAN WHO KILLED GOD: A young Indian hunter, from an amazonian tribe, realizes that there is no game left in the forest and decides to go white man hunting…

PLANETS: The story of a little trip between planets. A boy and a girl start to play and then are overwhelmed by the rules of this universe.

LA TIERRA DE LOS FAROS: In a world devastated by an unprecedented natural event, a man leaves his refuge after a year of remaining isolated, to go in search of a promised land. Guided by a recurring dream and the memory of his wife, ventures on a journey that will lead him to the depths of himself.

PEDACOS: A woman wakes up in a strange house and must piece together the fragments of a bad dream to figure out what is real.


Friday, April 4th


6:00 p.m. Reception and Performance (Gallery)


6:45 La Cebra/ The Zebra (Trujillo)

  • Directed by Fernando Leon Rodriquez, Feature
  • Mexico (2012) 94 minutes

Leandro and Odon would like to be obregonistas and travel towards north on a zebra found at a destroyed circus; they believe it is a gringo horse. They live several adventures during their trip: they escape from women who enslaved them; they meet the General Quesada, who wants to found a new republic; they get lost in the desert… When they finally find the Obregon troops, one colonel thinks they are spies of Villa, and Odon has to kill Leandro in order to prove his faithfulness.



6:45 Ruben Salazar: Man in the Middle (Martinez)

  • Directed by Philip Rodriguez, Documentary
  • USA (2012) 60 minutes
  • In Attendance – Philip Rodriguez


Premiere of Philip Rodriguez’s latest documentary about the life, writings and controversial death of esteemed Chicano reporter during Los Angeles blowout in 1970. Includes footage of Denver riots and interviews with Denver author Ernesto Vigil.


AFTER JOAQUIN: The Crusade for Justice (Martinez)

  • Directed by Daniel Salazar, Documentary
  • USA (1986) 28 minutes
  • In Attendance – Daniel Salazar


A local classic from 1986, AFTER JOAQUIN intertwines a profile of Rodulfo “Corky” Gonzales with his poem, I AM JOAQUIN, and history of Denver based Crusade for Justice.


FRONTERA! (Martinez)

  • Directed by John Jota Leanos
  • USA (2014) 20 minutes
  • In Attendance – John Jota Leanos


The documentary animation, Frontera! Revolt and Rebellion on the Río Grande, traces the seminal events and colonial entradas that has shaped the deeply contested territories of the US-Mexico borderlands. Native and Chicana narrators recall this living history through memory, play, humor and song.


Chicano Movement Panel (Martinez)

  • Philip Rodriguez, Daniel Salazar, and John Jota Leanos

8:35 BRONCE (Trujillo)

  • Directed by Claudio Perrin
  • Argentina (2013) 60 minutes

Some years following the death of their parents, two half siblings conspire and steal bronze placards from local cemeteries but no booty can ever mend or redeem the impossible.


Saturday, April 5th


1:00 p.m. Chones-Animation (Martinez)

  •  Shorts 1 hour 50 minutes

XicanIndie FilmFest in association with Encuentro Mundial de Cine presents a selection of animation from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Puerto Rico, Spain and the U.S. These diverse films were selected from over 200 applications.


1:15 p.m Encuentro Mundial (Trujillo)

  • Shorts 2 hours

XicanIndie FilmFest in association with Encuentro Mundial de Cine presents a selection of short films from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Puerto Rico, Spain and the U.S. These diverse films were selected from over 200 applications and explore a wide range of subjects and expressions from throughout the Americas.


2:55 p.m. La Piedra Ausente/ Absent Stone

  • Directed by Jesse Lerner, Documentary
  • Mexico-EUA (2013) 80 minutes


In 1964, the largest carved stone in America was transported, by means of an impressive feat of engineering, from the town of San Miguel Coatlinchan, in the county of Texcoco, to the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. The removal of the monolith, which represents a pre-Hispanic water deity, sparked a rebellion among the townspeople and the subsequent intervention of the army. Today, its great bulk stands as an urban monument, transformed into one of the main icons of national identity. Conversely, the inhabitants of Coatlinchan maintain that since the stone was taken it has not rained in their territory. The absent stone appears everywhere in Coatlinchan: it is etched in the memories of the inhabitants and haunts the streets in countless reproductions and replicas. Using animation, stock footage from the sixties and currently shot material with the main actors of the displacement, this documentary explores the relevance of ruins of the past in the present.


3:30 p.m. Reception (Gallery)


4:00 p.m. Encuentro Mundial Awards (Trujillo)


5:30 p.m. Salt of the Earth (Martinez)

  • Directed by H. Biberman
  • USA (1954) 94 minutes
  • Salt of the Earth Panel (Martinez)

Against the hard and gritty background of a mine workers’ strike in a New Mexican town—a background bristling with resentment against the working and living conditions imposed by the operators of the mine—a rugged and starkly poignant story of a miner and his wife.


7:15 p.m. Todo el mundo tiene a alguien menos yo/Everybody’s Got Somebody… Not Me (Trujillo)

  • Directed by Raul Fuentes, Feature
  • Mexico (2012) 100 minutes


Alejandra is sick of her daily life and her past relationships that have not worked out. Then she meets María, an adolescent, with whom she has an affair. At first everything is fine, but Alejandra´s personality and her romantic requirements prove increasingly demanding. The time comes when María can´t bear to be around her. At this point, they both ask themselves if they should continue in the oppressive equilibrium of the relationship, or go on with their ordinary lives.


7:45 p.m. After School (Martinez)

  • Directed by Mauricio Mendoza, Yenniffer Behrens, Adrian Moreira- Behrens, Feature
  • USA (2014)  1 hour 35 minutes
  • In Attendance – Mauricio Mendoza


After school is let out one afternoon at a normally quiet Los Angeles grade school, a gunshot is heard. Soon after, twelve-year old Jacky, played by Adrian Moreira-Behrens, is discovered alone in a room with a gun and an unexplained splash of blood on his shirt. Unwilling to cooperate with school officials, the police are called and Sargent Olivia Hanson, played by Yeniffer Behrens, a fifteen-year veteran, is the first officer on the scene. Due to budget cuts, a strike, and other higher profile events happening at the same time, Olivia is likely to be the only officer in charge for quite a while. After several frustrating interactions with the school’s faculty, neighborhood locals and a local reporter, Olivia learns that Jacky refuses to give up his standoff, unless he can talk to Michael, played by Mauricio Mendoza. Michael is a drama instructor who once visited the school with a special program designed to help students express themselves creatively.


9:05 p.m. Extirpador de Idolatrias (Trujillo)

  • Directed by Manuel Siles, Feature
  • Peru (2012) 86 minutes


The sinister Extirpator of Idolatries pursues a girl who represents the persistence of Andean religious practices. Waldo, the persistent policeman discovers and captures the criminal and, at the same time, resolves his inner conflicts.


9:35 p.m. Azul Intangible/Intangible Blue (Martinez)

  • Produced by Erendira Valle Padilla, Documentary
  • Mexico (2012) 67 minutes


Intangible Blue is a road movie over and under the ocean, which portrays the diversity and charm of Mexico´s northwestern seas. A team of filmmakers from the city and divers sail several weeks on a ship, The Sandman, to find the unknown: overwhelmingly enormous and friendly beings; waters thriving with life, beauty and motion in the natural reservations of the Gulf of California and the Pacific, unique in the world. Back in the metropolis, the natural link between the people in the cities and the sea is proved, while reflecting this connection´s ethereal and intangible quality, by means of subtle audiovisual metaphors that will captivate the spectator.


Sunday, April 6th


1:45 p.m. Eufrosina’s Revolution (Trujillo)

  • Directed by Luciana Kaplan, Documentary
  • Mexico (2012) 96 minutes

Eufrosina Cruz Mendoza is anative of Santa Maria Quiegolani, a small indigenous community nestled in the Southern Mountain Range in Oaxaca, Mexico. Eufrosina ran for town mayor of her community in 2008 but her victory was taken away just because she was a woman. That leads her on a personal crusade for gender equality in Oaxaca´s indigenous communities, questioning the current system and becoming an icon of social and gender indigenous fight in her State. This film is a portrait of Eufrosina´s personal journey and social awakening that dramatically changes as she accepts a position at the Oaxacan Chamber of Deputies.



4:05 p.m. Create Option C: My Journey with Cancer (Martinez)

  • Directed by Lourdes Colon, Chris Lavoy and Yennifer Behrens
  • USA (2014) 85 minutes
  • In Attendance – Lourdes Colon and Esai Morales

Actress, Lourdes Colon, in the peak of her TV and film career when diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – Filmed her painful journey in a groundbreaking documentary about curing cancer through alternative medicine.


 6:30 p.m. Sigo Siendo /Kachkaniraqmi (Trujillo)

  • Directed by Javier Corcuera Documentary
  • Peru (2013) 2 hours

Sigo siendo (Kachkaniraqmi) es una película de personajes, de personajes que son parte de un país. Esta película habla de música y de músicos, pero no es una película estrictamente musical, es una película de historias personales aparentemente muy lejanas, historias que se buscan en un país que también intenta encontrarse y dibujar su identidad.