A festival devoted to all things WORD!  With sreenings and book readings like Jimmy Santiago Baca’s A PLACE TO STAND and Hugo Jon Sayles’ A CANDLE LIT IN THE DARK; play readings like Bobby LeFebre’s highly acclaimed NORTHSIDE, Jim Lee’s PACKIN’ IT IN and Marisela Trevino Orta’s THE RIVERBRIDE; one-person shows like Carlos Manuels LA VIDA LOCA, Maria Cheng’s SPIRIT & SWORDED TREKS and Ruben C. Gonzalez’ LA ESQUINITA: USA; Hip-Hop Theatre presentations like Rickerby Hinds’ DREAMSCAPE and foreign language music concerts like LAKOU MIZIK.


Second EVER WordFest

April 19-30, 2016


Laakou Mizik (Westaff Presentation)


Rickerby Hinds’ Dreamscape (NPN Presentation)


public reading of Packin’ It In by Jim Lee

(co-presented w/ The SOURCE Theatre Company)

public reading of The River Bride by Marisela Trevino Orta

public reading of A Candle Lit in the Dark by Hugo Jon Sayles

(co-presented w/ The SOURCE Theatre Company)

public reading of Remember El Alamo by Albert Ramirez

First EVER WordFest

April 20-25, 2015



Carlos Manuel in La Vida Loca (Westaff Presentation)


Ruben C Gonzalez in La Esquinita: USA (NPN Presentation)


Maria Cheng in Spirit & Sworded Treks


MOTUS Theatre in Do You Know Who I Am?


public reading of Northside by Bobby LeFebre

public reading of El Alamo by Albert Ramirez

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