XicanIndie Film Fest

The XicanIndie Film Fest is an annual four day festival that showcases the best in Chicano independent film as well as featured Latino World Cinema. Great film; visiting filmmakers and artists such as Benjamin Bratt, Jesse Borrego and Esai Morales; an award ceremony; receptions and parties make this event an audience favorite.


XicanIndie FilmFest XIX

March 30 – April 2, 2017


Blood In, Blood Out (Taylor Hackford, USA)

A Todo Color + Short Concert (Randy Valdes, Cuba)

Northside Launch Party

Welcome to the Northside (Boby LeFebre, USA)

The Other Barrio (Dante Betteo, USA)

Cesar Chavez (Diego Luna, USA)

Ovarian Psycos (Joanna Sokolowski & Kate Trumbull-Lavalle, USA)

“I Wanna Live Forever” FAME Party

Las Tesoros de San Antonio (Jorge Sandoval, USA)

Ana Maria in Novela Land (Georgina Garcia Riedel, USA)

Mangore (Luis R Vera, USA)

Clever (Alan Dominguez, USA)

La Tercera Raiz (Camilo Nu & Reed Rickert, Mexico)

Ruta Madre (Augustin Castaneda, USA)

CHONES (Short Films)

Best of Culture Clash

Welcome to the Northside (Bobby LeFebre, USA)

Victor y Isolina (William D Caballero, USA)

Are You Sure? (Jared Rains, USA)

Steal Some Time (Molina Speaks & DJ Icewater, USA)


Premio XicanIndie Documentary:  A TODO COLOR

Premio Mictoc Outstanding Comedy: RUTA MADRE


Ciuatzintli Award Outstanding Performance by Female Actor: Veronica Valencia in THE OTHER BARRIO

Premio Chones Outstanding Short Subject: CLEVER

Premio Tonatiuh Outstanding Performance by an Actor: Richard Montoya in THE OTHER BARRIO

Premio Ometeotl New Media: WELCOME TO THE NORTHSIDE

Premio Ollin Outstanding Feature: THE OTHER BARRIO

XicanIndie FilmFest XVIII

April 7 – 10, 2016


Truly TexMex w/ Chef Adan Medrano

Conversation w/ John Valadez

Police-Latino Relations: What Has Changed? w/ Alan Dominguez & Ernesto Vigil

The Head of Joaquin Murrieta (John Valadez*)

Ella Es Ramona (John Valadez)

Latino Americans Episode 6: Peril & Promise

Squeezebox (Sam Lerma, USA)

Los Hamsters (Gonzales Penilla)

The Misadventures of Cholo Chaplin (Kenneth Castillo*, USA)

Counterpunch (Kenneth Castillo*, USA)

Pinches Actores (Hermanos DuFour, Mexico/France)

La Sombra del Roble (Nicolas Saldivia, Chile)

Una Ultima y Nos Vamos (Noe Santillan Lopez, Mexico)

CHONES (Short Films)

The Two Rickies (Juan Diego Rodriguez, USA)

Marea de Tierra (Chile)

Quinceneara (Tania Romero, USA)

Borderball (Alan Dominguez*, USA)

Jessie Vive: On a Path to Justice (Buried Seeds of Resistance, USA)

Angels of Anbar (Elvis Leon, USA)

Dante (Peru)

Total Animal III (Tristan Guerlotte, France)

Honorio: Two Minutes of Sun (Paco Gisbert & Paqui Ramirez, Spain)

Its Not You, Its Me

El Genio (Fabia Rey & Johnny Whitehead, Puerto Rico)

XicanIndie FilmFest XVII

April 9- 12, 2015


Fugly! (Alfredo De Villa, USA)

Words of Revolution (Edward Gonzales Jr.,USA/El Salvador)

The Frame (Jamin Winans, USA)

Oscar (Ruben C Gonzalez*, USA)

Tapia (Eddie Alcazar, USA)

La Espera Desespera (Corally Santaliz, Puerto Rico)

Recommended by Enrique (Rainnea Attieh & Daniel Garcia, USA)

Strike One (David L Meiselman, USA)

Cry Now (Alberto Barboza, USA)

Aguruphobia (Richard Montes, USA)

Now En Espanol (Andrea Meller, USA)

Book of Ruth (Pablo Veliz, USA)

Children of Giant (Hector Galan, USA)

CHONES (Short Films)

Unicorn Blood (Alfredo Vasquez, Spain)

Alfredo (Steven A Porras, USA)

La Maldicion (Homero McDonald, Mexico)

Scrap (Raoul Vehill, USA)

Casey (Miguel Duran, USA)

Selling Rosario (Michael Winokur, USA)

Sam Cooke (Manuel Roybal & Joaquin Liebert, USA)

XicanIndie FilmFest XV

April 4 – 7, 2013


Late Night Cabaret Performance by Ric Salinas and Herbert Siguenza

Performance by Nicolas Valdez

Producer’s Circle Panel w/ Fanny Veliz, Douglas Spain, Nicolas Valdez & Ric Salinas

El Inca, La Boba y El Hijo del Ladron (Ronnie Temoche, Peru)

Inocente (Sean Fine & Andrea Nix, USA)

Justice for My Sister (Kimberly Bautista (Guatemala)

Searching for Sugarman (Malik Bendjelloul, Sweden/UK)

Tales of Masked Men (Carlos Avila, USA)

Homebound (Fanny Veliz*, USA)

Mission Park (Bryan Ramirez, USA)

Delusions of Grandeur (Iris Alma & Gustavo Ramos, USA)

Bowl of Beings (Bruce Logan, USA)

Violeta Went to Heaven (Andres Woods, Chile)

CHONES (Short Films)

Mikailwitl: A Journey of Life and Death (Rudy J Miera, USA)

Seed Story (William Caballero, USA)

El Xorro (Nicolas Valdez*, USA)

Maria: La Roach Killer (Nicolas Valdez*, USA)

XicanIndie FilmFest XIV

April 19- 22, 2012


Performance by El Sistema at Garden Place Elementary School

Panel w/ Happy Hanes & Monica Vischer

Tocar y Luchar (Alberto Arvelo, Venezuela)

Saving Private Perez (Beto Gomez, Mexico)

Water & Power (Richard Montoya, USA)

Nostalgia de la Luz (Patricio Guzman, Chile)

Custom Mary  (Matt Dunerstick, USA)

Captive Beauty (Jared Goodman, Colombia)

Octubre (Daniel & Diego Vega, Peru)

Juan de los Muertos (Alejandro Brugues, Cuba)

Spoken Word (Victor Nunez, USA)

Precious Knowledge (Dos Vatos Films, USA)

All She Can (Amy Wendell, USA)

CHONES (Short Films)

Automation X001 (Amaurante Montez, USA)

Blind Hope (Mario Fierro, USA)

Bronze Future: Letters for 2045 (Adrian Molina, USA)

Chicano Artists (USA)

Marca Pais (Prom Peru, Peru)