Su Teatro presenta El Sol Que Tu Eres

Season 2016/17

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SEASON 2016/17

New World Journey

The Sun That You Are / El Sol Que Tu Eres

October  13 – November 6, 2016

Written and Directed by Anthony J. Garcia

Music Directed by Daniel Valdez

Music Written by Daniel Valdez and Anthony J. Garcia

photo by Steven Abeyta

A passionate romance story steeped in an explosive action adventure.  Music under the direction of Daniel Valdez propels the retelling of the Orpheus Eurydice Myth set in contemporary Mexico during the Days of the Dead that challenges the power of love.

Joaquín’s Christmas

December 1 – 18, 2016

Written and directed by Anthony J Garcia.

Photo by Steven Abeyta

It’s Pueblo, 1955. All that 7-year-old Joaquín wants for Christmas is a new bike, but times are tough. With Papa out on strike against evil Mr. Van Rich-n-Wealthy, can a talking dog named Angel and a magical Abuela make this a very Merry Christmas?


March 9 – 26, 2017

Written by Milta Ortiz

Directed by Anthony J Garcia

Photo by Steven Abeyta courtesy of Su Teatro

A true story about the Tucson Unified School District’s decision to end its Mexican American Studies program and the community’s battle to hold onto their history, identity and humanity. We continue to fight for the right to tell our stories and our history.

Divorcées, Evangelists & Vegetarians (Divorciadas, Evangélicas y Vegetarianas)

June 8 – 25, 2017

Written by Gustavo Ott

Directed by Abel Lopez

photo by Steven Abeyta

A play both tragic and hysterically funny about three needy women at the brink of self-destruction or complete madness.


March 30 – April 2, 2017 – XicanIndie FilmFest XIX

April 18 – 29, 2017 3rd EVER WordFest In Collaboration with The SOURCE Theatre Company

July 27 – 30, 2017 – 21st Annual Chicano Music Festival and Auction